Because knowing who He is, changes EVERYTHING!

I LOVE JESUS! I want YOU to LOVE Jesus too! God has taken me on an incredible journey from someone who went at the world alone, to someone who finds comfort in God's arms (as I still mess things up constantly!)

He has blessed me with the desire to share the TRUE Jesus with everyone around me in a very REALISTIC and down-to-earth way! I LOVE to create things that help you apply God to your life now.

I have never considered myself an artistic person so all of this is WAY out of my comfort zone, but that's how God likes it.

My goal is that the items I create inspire and encourage people in their studies and to make reading the bible relevant for you! These items are designed for the average, inartistic person to find their own joy and beauty in the refreshing Words of God. Trace the journaling pages or color them and glue the right in your bible! ANYONE can do this! Display the bible tabs to the verses suggested or to the ones that speak to you. Use the devotionals to keep you focused on the object of each day. LEARN MORE ABOUT JESUS AND HOW HE FITS INTO YOUR LIE.

Custom orders are ENCOURAGED! Tell me what type of study or theme of bible tabs you would like. If there is a specific verse you would like me to make a journaling page out of then let me know! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR STORIES and make something just for you!

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